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Roderick C. Stoneburner, M.S., CRC (ret)

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With a total of over 55 years of experience in the field of Vocational Evaluation, we have solid hands-on, real-world experience in this field.


Evidence-based vocational evaluation services involve processes that provide objective results for litigation or settlement purposes.


Published authors of peer-reviewed articles on Evidence-Based Vocational Evaluation Recommendations for the California Workers' Compensation System.

Rod Stoneburner

Certified Rehabilitation Counselor

Mr. Stoneburner's professional experience as a Vocational Expert Witness has been established in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire counties of Riverside and San Bernardino.

Steve Rockett

Forensic Vocational Evaluator

Mr. Rockett has been an employment specialist, counselor, supervisor, and District Administrator over a 38+ year span. 

Academic and Professional

Mr. Stoneburner's professional epertise is based upon a specialized skillset from his academic and professional background in vocational evaluation.