My experience is in the vocational evaluation process, which includes vocational testing, disability evaluation, and labor market research as they pertain to issues of disability and employability.

Expert Witness

I’m qualified to identify earning capacity based upon residual/acquired skills, education, employment, and relevant medical information (if present) using source documents and national/state databases.

Long Term

For several decades, I have been practicing in the field of Vocational Rehabilitation in Southern California and, more specifically, in California’s Workers’ Compensation system as well as personal injury and job analyses.


Vocational Evaluation & Rehabilitation Services

The administration of vocational testing for aptitude/cognitive abilities, academic skills, occupational interest, worker personality assessments, and manual tests are the foundation of the vocational assessment process that provides objective results for litigation purposes. These services can provide a variety of supports, including:

  • Vocational Assessment: the process of identifying knowledge levels, academic functioning, and cognitive abilities
  • Job Analysis:  Involves collection of data from past employment needed to identify accurate job titles
  • Transferable Skills Analysis:  Analysis skills acquired from past employment and education, modified by medical-related impairments to identify residual employment potential
  • Labor Market Analysis:  Involves research of standardized labor market data such as Bureau of Labor Statistics, State and Local labor statistics, and web-based job search and placement platforms for potential job qualifications and availability of employment.
  • Analysis of Residual Earning Capacity: Involves assessment of employment data to determine earning capacity based on employment experience and qualifications. This is roughed out and more appropriate for forensic vocational evaluations.