Vocational Evaluation Services

Roderick C. Stoneburner, M.S., ICVE, IPEC, ABVE

woman in wheelchairVocational evaluation services involve the administration of vocational testing for aptitude/cognitive abilities, academic skills, occupational interest, and worker personality assessments, and manual tests. This is the foundation of the vocational assessment process that provides objective results for litigation purposes. Each vocational evaluation is designed to address referral issues and present attorneys with reliable, objective results that can be used to resolve issues of an individual’s earning capacity, employability, and place-ability. The vocational evaluation process includes an in-depth personal interview designed to collect pertinent personal and vocational information. All personal information, medical reports/documentation and employment-related information relevant to the vocational evaluation process are collected, analyzed and integrated into the evaluation process. Vocational tests and related measurement instruments appropriate for the objective measurement of physical, cognitive, and related vocational factors are selected for each individual evaluation, administered and scored, and is integrated into the evaluation process.

The vocational evaluation process can be utilized to address issues that affect an individual’s ability to compete in the labor market, resulting in loss of earnings or the ability to work. This process can be applied to the following examples:

  • Superior Court cases for identification of earnings losses present and future, ability to compete on the current labor market, and potential to return to work with or without return-to-work support.
  • Employment issues for loss of earnings, ability to compete on the labor market, and residual earning capacity. Employment issues can also include analysis of job search (mitigation of losses), wrongful termination, and ADA (Employment) issues for reasonable accommodation.
  • Workers’ Compensation cases for diminished future earning capacities analysis, and analysis for residual employability and earning capacity. Includes vocational evaluations based upon the Le Boeuf decision in California.
  • Family Law cases for spousal support, using vocational evaluations to assess an individual’s ability to compete on the open labor market and identification of residual earning capacity


Vocational Expert Services (Forensics): Consultation and Testimony:

My professional qualifications as a Vocational Expert Witness have been established in Orange, Los Angeles, San Diego, and the Inland Empire for Superior Court (personal injury, employment, and disability), Family Law, Workers’ Compensation, and Social Security hearings. I have developed my reputation for handling complex cases and objectivity. I am known for providing accurate, fact-based reports and testimony whether the referral is defense or plaintiff/applicant. My expertise comes from over 35 years as a practitioner utilizing the vocational evaluation process. I have been involved in over 20,000 cases involving disability and work. I have personally conducted over 10,000 onsite job analyses, and have coordinated over 10,000 formal and informal return-to-work programs.

Vocational expert services for case consultation and testimony are customized for the following areas:

  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Personal Injury
  • Employment Law
  • Disability Law
  • Long Term Disability
  • Family Law

I provide individualized services to the referring attorney/agency (plaintiff and defense) designed to maximize the efficacy of my services. I will preview cases at no charge and provide my opinion regarding a vocational analysis of individual case facts relevant to the referral issue. I am available to the referral source for ongoing telephonic consultation regarding case issues and do not charge unless a specific conference is scheduled that requires prior preparation of information. I specialize in comprehensive medical/vocational case evaluation and preparation for court testimony with my referral source. My strength is my ability to provide critical information regarding the vocational aspects of the case, testimony preparation, and strategic use of relevant vocational data.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services:

Vocational rehabilitation services include Transferable Skills Analysis using McCroskey Vocational Quotient System, Labor Market Survey, Job Analysis (including onsite for litigation purposes, Plan Development, Plan Monitoring/Support, Job Seeking Skills Training, Placement Services, and Employment Monitoring.

I personally conduct all of my own research for each individual case and am readily available for ongoing case consultation. I do not charge for initial case review and consultation. I will review pertinent case information and provide you with my opinion regarding the efficacy of my services.