Roderick C. Stoneburner, M.S., ICVE, IPEC, ABVE

Academic Qualifications:

  • M.S. Education from University of Arizona Vocational Rehabilitation program, specializing in Vocational Evaluation.
    • Qualified to administer, score and interpret psychological tests as part of a Vocational Evaluation.
    • Qualified to administer, score and interpret vocational testing to include occupational interests, cognitive skills, aptitudes, academic skills, and work behavior/skills/characteristics (work sampling and situational assessments).
    • Qualified in behavioral observation for the impact of the medical condition on gross and fine motor function and general functional abilities.
    • Qualified in the job analysis process, job modification, and workplace ergonomics.
    • Qualified in medical and psychological aspects of disability.
  • University of Southern California: Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology (psychotherapy/counseling for people with disabilities).

Professional Qualifications

  • Over 35 years as a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and Vocational Evaluator, providing services to people with disabilities (Worked with overĀ  20,000 clients/injured workers).
  • 25 years as Adjunct Professor at California State University (San Bernardino/Los Angeles). Taught classes in Vocational Evaluation, Job Analysis, Job Placement/Labor Market research & development, Counseling, and professional development.
  • Over 45 years of work as an expert witness for disability/employability issues with Social Security Administration, Family Law, Workers Compensation, and Personal Injury (case preparation and testimony).
  • Qualified to identify residual earning capacity based upon residual/acquired skills, education, employment, and relevant medical information (if present) using source documents and national/state employment database.

Relevant Issues to Vocational Expert Testimony

  • Establish a foundation for expertise in vocational evaluation (test administration, behavioral observation, & assessment for work-related functional analysis).
  • Establish a foundation for expertise in medical aspects of disability (vocational impact of medical conditions, medications, subjective factors of disability).
  • Expertise in case evaluation for residual employability, residual earning capacity, and all related disability issues.
  • Expertise in Americans with Disability Act for ADA employment violations, accessibility in the workplace, reasonable accommodation, and related litigation.
  • Expertise in local and national labor market, job analysis for skills application, and exertional demands.